A happier and more resilient YOU in 8 weeks!

Our lives can be very stressful. We all need tools to help manage stressors that lead to anxiety.  When we use the tools to manage our reaction to stressors we sleep better, communicate better, meet our needs better and are happier!  In other words we can take control of our happiness in any moment.   In this 8 week program we dive into the tools and practices that teach the body and nervous system to slow down.  A variety of methods such as conscious breathing, improv, body awareness, yoga postures, energy medicine, acupressure and meditation will be taught and practiced. This program enables those who suffer from stress or anxiety to flourish!  

"This is one of the best professional development course I have ever taken." ~Kyle Chandler, Dean of Students at University of Detroit Jesuit High School

Renew and Restore

A two hour workshop devoted to conscious rest. This is a wonderful way to calm the nervous system. Our nervous system is constantly bombarded with stressors like e-mail, texts, the news, environmental toxins, and deadlines.  We must take the time to wipe the slate clean and give our nervous system a well deserved vacation.  This is it! Two hours of beneficial postures where you are completely supported and comfortable.  The class also includes guided meditation which aid in quieting the brain and energy medicine so each student leaves refreshed, restored and happy!


 A 90 minute session including gentle yoga with Sacred Geometry Energy Medicine which will leave you feeling energized, balanced and lighter.  This is an ancient practice with tremendous benefits. For individual clients only.